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We gratefully acknowledge the help of our sponsors and contributors. Please show your support by patronizing our sponsors and thanking them for their help! Become a YVHS Choirs Sponsor - click here to find out how!

Our AMAZING Business Sponsors



And, of course, our PHENOMENAL auctioneer, Mr. Kevin Edwards.


Our events are fundraisers for our choral music program.  The profit we make on sales and any auction item sales goes directly towards the purchase of instructional materials vital to the operation of our groups, including music, workbooks, performance uniforms, sound reinforcement equipment and other items that enhance the quality of the singers’ learning and performing experiences.  As we are part of a public, tax-exempt agency all donations that you made to us are fully tax deductible.

In return for your thoughtful contributions, a donor list, including you and / or your company, will be included in the printed program for this event and will be posted on the Sponsor Page of our official website.  Please let us know how you would like to be listed and send us any black & white, scanner-ready logo art that you have so that we can include it in our sponsor listings where possible. Please see our donations page for more info!

For information on sponsoring/contributing to the YVHS Choirs, please contact Geoff Carter at keyznvox@astound.net.