YVHS Choirs

If you think you might be interested in joining the choirs, come by and talk with me. I'll listen to your voice, run you through some simple drills and let you know which choir is best for you - the whole process takes about 5 minutes. I'm usually available in my room (M-1, by the tennis courts) every day before school, at brunch and the beginning of lunch. Please stop by and say hello or give me a call at 685-8414 x3632 or email: keyznvox@astound.net Let me know where & when I can reach you and I'll contact you as soon as possible.

Treble Choir

Treble Choir is the beginning choir at YVHS, open to anyone who wants to sing, can carry a tune, and has a voice in the treble range (female or unchanged male voice range).

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is our intermediate level, mixed voice large choir - we sing big, powerful music! Prerequisites for this group are previous choral experience and the ability to read & sing music on sight. This group is also open to beginning male singers with changed voices (beginning men work on sight-reading skills with the instructor outside of class during the 1st quarter).

Vocal Ensemble (also known as the Madrigal Singers)    

2003-2004 Vocal EnsembleThis is the advanced choir that is known as the best choir in the district. Auditions are held in the Spring for the following year - all candidates must be able to read music well, have outstanding attitudes, attendance and work ethics. This group moves fast, performs constantly throughout the community, sings everything from Renaissance motets to A Capella Hip-hop and often incorporates dance & movement into their musical performances.

2003-2004 Vocal Ensemble