When: Saturday, November 12th, 2005, 9 am to approximately 4 pm

Where: Walnut Creek, 76 Gas Station, corner of Ygnacio Valley Road & Civic Drive

Cost: FREE! ZIP! ZILCH!!! NADA!!! This is a pledge car wash. Our goal is 200 cars, so please bring as many cars as you can! Of course, donations and pledges will be gladly accepted!

We'll keep washing until 4 o'clock pm, or until our 200-car goal is reached. Profits from the wash-a-thon will be used for instructional materials and expenses related to the operation of the YVHS Choral Program.

You can help us in our efforts by...

  • Pledging a per-car amount, and/or,
  • Attending our FREE car wash (of course, donations & pledges will be gladly accepted!)

If you can help us, please print out and give the following information to a YVHS choir member, or send it in the body of an email to the choir director, Geoff Carter, at keyznvox@astound.net:



Pledge Amount (per car):


For more information about the YVHS choirs, please visit our website:


Tell your friends and neighbors about our free car wash - and don't forget to bring the family wagon down to the Walnut Creek 76 Gas Station on Saturday!